Just Rich Life is best personal finance blog with focus on process of making money, investment, changing money mindset and create wealth.

Geeting Rich is simple yet not a simple task by any mean. Accumalating wealth requires decipline and long term planning. It is not one day job and nither everyone wins lottery everyday.

All You need is decipline, some good planning and long term perspective.

Do you know what is harder than Making Money? Yes, You guessed is write. It is keeping the money, saving it and growing it. Most of us focus on making money but forget to make it grow. We dont develeope a growth mindset. And over the time, despite making more money and working hard we end up with nothing. No Saving, No retirement funds, No Emergency fund and Not enough to live a financially free live.

We are always trapped in debt mindset. Buy more than we need, spend more than we have and impateint with investments.

Trust me, you are not alone. Everyone goes through this cycle and sooner you realize it, better it is for you.

Let us start our journey where I will share my experiences, learnings, mistakes I have made and how to overcome money blocking mindsets.


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